Lucky in Zion

As a photographer I'd like to think that I am a great hunter of light. Scouting, waiting, anticipating, and then capturing that one moment that will standout from all the rest. But the reality is that sometimes you are just lucky. That's exactly what I was on a recent trip to Zion National Park in late February 2010.

The night of my arrival into Springdale, Utah (just outside the park entrance), Mother Nature created quite a stir and whipped up an amazing snow squall. As I watched the event from my hotel room I really had the feeling that I would need to curtail my hiking the next day due to weather.

In fact, it was just the opposite, the morning came and the skies opened blue and Mother Nature revealed her over-night handiwork. I was told by locals, park rangers, and other photographers who came out in full force, that what Mother Nature created in the lower canyon was something people had not been seen for more than 5 years.


2010-02-22-DSC-1607-0087 as Smart Object-1.jpg
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2010-02-22-DSC-1528-0008 as Smart Object-1.jpg