This past week marked my ninety fourth ferry ride for the year between Nanaimo and Horeshoe Bay. And as I have said before Horseshoe Bay has to be one of the most beautiful locations to travel to and from ninety-four times. I've taken far too many photos of Horseshoe Bay, Howe Sound and the islands that dot that sea way.

It's been a very busy "end of year" for us; both on the home-front and at work. We recently moved a few steps closer to the ocean making a visit to the Strait of Georgia a daily occurrence when I'm out walking Chelsea. As a result my photography has taken a back seat to packing & unpacking. That's move number 9 if you're counting.

Now it's that time of year to reflect, look forward, and rediscover the important things in life. If you get a chance drop a loonie or two in the kettle of your local Salvation Army volunteers. That money stays in the community and will have an immediate impact on the lives of those who struggle at this time of year.

Travel Safe.

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