Then & Now

I found an old photo of Chelsea the Dog that was taken soon after we got her. So I thought I would share it along with a present day picture. In case you didn’t already know Chelsea (or Lucky which was her name when we adopted her) is a rescue dog. She was rescued by the ByTown Association of Rescued Kanines (Bark) in Ottawa.

We had just sent our black lab puppy back to the Guide Dogs for the Blind to continue her adult training so we missed not having a four-legged friend around the house. Then we adopted Lucky. We decided to rename her Chelsea. That was back in 2003. We weren’t sure what her birth date was but we knew she was approximately 1 year old. We celebrate her birthday on July 1st, Canada Day.

She changed quite a bit since then. She’s quicker to trust people and once she does you will be friends for life. Any of her friends will attest to that.

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