Who knew Lightroom had an iPhone4s Lens Profile

I was out this past weekend doing some shooting on Gabriola Island. I brought along my Nikon D300, Sony NEX-3N and my iPhone 4s. I haven't looked at the photos I had taken with the Nikon or Sony, but I thought I would try Lightroom to import and edit the photos I had taken with my iPhone 4s.

Usually I use the phone-based photo-editing Apps to edit my photos taken with the iPhone, so I was pleasantly surprised by how good the photos turned out after a quick edit through Lightroom 5. To top it all off, Lightroom has a built in lens profile for the iPhone 4s' 4.28mm lens (33mm equivalent). The profile does some mild distortion correction as well as some small amount of exposure brightening.

I think I'll continue using Lightroom as part of my iPhone photo work-flow.

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