Sunday Hike in Rosewall Creek Provincial Park

I've found a new favourite place to hike here on the Island - Rosewall Creek Provincial Park (See Map). It's about a 20 minute drive north of Qualicum Beach on Highway 19A (the Oceanside Highway). You can also get there from the "Big Highway" as we Islander's call it, but take the Island Highway as it is more scenic along the Strait of Georgia.

Turn on to Berray Road and follow the signs. A parking lot with washrooms and a sign describing the origins of the park is about 200 meters down Berray Road.

If you're like me and carry a camera and tripod a typical 1 hour hike always turns into a 2 hour photo-session. In Rosewall Park the hike to the waterfall is about 3.5 to 4 hours (and with my camera and tripod that adds up to a full day). On this particular day we couldn't afford the time and didn't have the right amount of water and provisions to travel that distance. So we opted for the 2 hour hike.

This time of year the sun remains low even at 10:00am in the morning. This provided a warm glowing back drop to many of my photographs as we followed the creek deeper into the park. I've made a promise to myself to come back when more of the disidgious Big Leaf Maples still have their autumn dress on and the salmon are using the creek as their spawning ground.